The Upper Room

P. Félix Jiménez Tutor, escolapio.....



In the opening Prayer we have said, “Lord Jesus Christ, we worship you living among us in the sacrament of your Body and Blood”.

The Lord’s Supper takes us home, like no other meal takes us home.

You and I are made for a table, for fellowship, hospitality.

We see Jesus presiding over the meal, explaining the bread and the cup. He is the host. We are hosted by Jesus himself and he is the main course. What binds us together is that we have been loved by Jesus Christ, and now we love each other as he has loved us.

It is important to remember that by sharing the bread and the wine together we remain a part of the Body of Christ together.

Something important happens when we all come to the table together, no matter what separates us normally, and all receive the same blessing.

There is something about all of us having access to the same food, the same wine, same cup and same plate.

The table is a powerful display of unity.

Usually when you have a dinner party you invite people that you know best or people you want to impress.

You want your guests to feel welcome, maybe you want them to know that they are important to you.

The eucharist we celebrate Sunday after Sunday, day after day, is a meal offered to anyone who is in relationship with Jesus, our host. His love binds us together.

We gather around the table, we proclaim the Word of God and we eat the Word, real bread, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God”.

Our listenings to God is our First Communion and they are as important as the second communion, the sacramental communion. To the extent that our listenings are true and become part of our faith, our second communion will produce a real change in our lives.

Let us remember some of what we learn and experience in this upper room, our church.

Let us come back again and again because it is important for us to be reminded and to practice together. Our invitation is to try our best to live out what we learn in our “upper room”. Of course it is easy to forget, so we need to practice a lot.

“Take it; this is my body” You must receive him like a starving person receives bread. Don’t starve, eat it.

We, the people of God, community of brothers and sisters, adopted by the Father, purchased by the blood, indwelt by the Spirit, we come to our “upper room” to hear that redemption is not only possible it is a reality, that grace is the gift offered to each one of us by the one who hosts us, loves us, and feeds us.

The question of the Eucharist is the big question, is it not?

If we are right and the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ, then we are eating the Body of Christ sacramentally, whenever we receive him in communion. There is no doubt about this teaching, as the Church believes firmly that Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist.

Today, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, let us profess our faith in his presence in the Gospel we proclaim, in the bread we eat, in the wine we drink, and in the community of brothers and sisters gathered around this table.